Frederick Wiseman to Receive L.A Film Critics' Career Achievement Award

Frederick Wiseman - 2012 P

The Emmy winner, 82, is the first documentary filmmaker to receive he honor.

Emmy-winning documentarian Frederick Wiseman will be honored with the The Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s career achievement award, the group announced Saturday.

Wiseman, 82, is the first documentary filmmaker to receive the honor, which will be presented Jan. 12 at the Intercontinental Hotel.

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As a practitioner of cinema-verite, Wiseman is known for creating films without narration and with running times of up to five hours. His early work tended toward themes of social reform, with his film career starting in 1963 as a producer on The Cool World. He went on to examine the population of a Bridgewater, Mass. state hospital for the criminally insane in 1967’s Titicut Follies.

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His other notable credits include High School (1968), Hospital (1970), Racetrack (1985), Central Park (1989) and Boxing Gym. His most recent film, 2011’s Crazy Horse went inside a Parisian nightclub. Wiseman is a three-time Emmy winner.