Fremantle and Fuji form alliance

To co-develop and produce TV formats for the int'l market

CANNES -- Fuji Television and FremantleMedia, the corporate pair that teamed up on international format smash "Hole in the Wall," have set up a closer partnership to co-develop and produce TV formats for the international market.

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Under the partnership, given the grand title Creative Exchange Alliance, Fuji production exec So Fujinuma will spend three months working at various FremantleMedia operations across the U.K., U.S. and Asia. The second half of the exchange will see Henrik Nielsen, an exec producer at FremantleMedia North America, work at Fuji TV's headquarters in Tokyo.

By learning the intimate in-house details of the other company -- following productions from development and planning through taping -- Fuji and Fremantle hope to better co-ordinate future joint productions.