Fremantle out to build shows, brand


CANNES -- FremantleMedia is planning a significant expansion in France and Spain and is in talks to launch its own operations in Russia, CEO Tony Cohen said here Monday.

The entertainment powerhouse behind such shows as "Idols" and "X Factor" is seeking opportunities to create more local versions of its shows for local markets as well as accelerating the growth curve of its so-called enterprise operation, covering program sales, brand-building, licensing and merchandising operations.

"The southern European belt is very interesting and we see a whole range of opportunities through partnerships or acquisitions -- we could do better in France and we could be bigger in Spain," Cohen said during a Fremantle breakfast at the Majestic.

Cohen is also in "early stage" conversations with a number of Russian producers about launching a Fremantle operation in that nation.

"We've got a lot of shows on in Russia but at this point we do it all through partners. We are looking at a joint venture or starting our own venture," he said. "We are in early stage conversations with a number of partners."

Cohen said the recent wave of private equity-funded producer-distributors that have emerged in Europe would have to work at the detail of building such businesses. Last week, Palamon Capital Partners announced £185 million ($376 million) funding for an expansion-hungry super-indie aiming to produce drama and entertainment formats across Europe.

"People have seen what we have done and are constantly trying to build similar models, but it is not as easy as it looks, it takes years," Cohen said. "It is not just about the production, it is about the (program) brand-building market as well."

Cohen tipped Fremantle's new Japanese format "Hole in the Wall" for international success. The show sees contestants face being knocked into a swimming pool unless they can fit through a hole cut into a moving wall.

"It's not one of our brainier formats, although we do brainy very well," Cohen said. "But I've yet to show it to a room where people haven't instantly started laughing."

Fremantle also picked up distribution rights to music awards show "The Brit Awards" and "The Classical Brits."