French Animation 'House of Magic' Sets World Premiere in South Korea

Similar French titles have recently enjoyed considerable box-office success in the Asian country.

SEOUL – The French animated film The House of Magic is set to hit South Korean theaters earlier than other territories around the world. The family film by the makers of Sammy's Adventures will open here on Dec. 24, a day before it hits French cinemas on Christmas Day.

Distributor nWave Pictures has decided on the early release due to the local success of its previous films. Sammy's Adventures 2 brought in two million admissions, which is a considerable box-office score for an animation or a family film in Korea.

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"Sammy's Adventures 2 drew the most profits in Korea, more than any other country around the world. It attracted about twice the number of admissions in France, grossing $9.66 million in Korea and $5.53 million in France," said a spokesperson for local distributor CJ Entertainment. "This suggests how much the Korean animation market has grown and developed."

The House of Magic is about a stray cat that is welcomed into the house of an old magician but must learn how to get along with the other animals living there. When the magician gets into a car accident, however, the pets must join forces against an evil niece who tries to sell his house.