French Court Reaches Decision in Lanvin Case

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Lanvin Resort

The French Court has ruled in favor of Lanvin's works council on the basis that the management's case against them holds no water.

In the case of Lanvin's management versus its works council, the French Court has ruled in favor of the council, WWD reports. Management has been asked to pay 3,000 euros (roughly $3,000 at current exchange) in damages and legal fees. 

Tensions between the French fashion house's management and the brand's works council hit an all-time high following beloved designer Alber Elbaz's abrupt dismissal. Worried about the company's state of affairs, distraught employees on the council began investigating the particulars of Elbaz's firing and questioning the state of the brand's financial affairs.

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Consequentially, Lanvin management suspended the company's email and message boards, arguing that they were being used to send "disparaging" messages about management's judgment. 

Ultimately, the court decided that there was not enough legal merit to warrant a decision. As Johannes Sultan of management's legal defense put it, "The court has decided that it has no jurisdiction to decide in the matter. ... To use football terms, this match has ended 0-to-0.”

On the other hand, lawyer Isabelle Schucké-Niel, who represented the works council, disagreed: "This is not a draw. This is a victory for the works council, which never caused any trouble within the company, neither by e-mail nor via its messaging boards. What the judge said is: ‘There is no trouble, no urgency. Stop it.’ ”


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