French Director Claude Lelouch's Latest Screenplay Stolen in Paris Heist

Claude Lelouch - P 2012
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The only copy of the Oscar-winner's latest script 'Yes and No' and 50 years of notes were taken in front of his production offices.

The latest script from Oscar-winner Claude Lelouch has been stolen along with 50 years of notes in a theft that took place Jan. 2 as he was returning from holidays.

The veteran director on Saturday put out a plea to the thieves in Le Parisien newspaper asking for the return of the script and notes for the film, which is titled Yes and No. The feature was based on the notes and envisioned as a multi-generational political and cinematic saga focused on two families, extending from his birth year, 1937, to present day.

The robbery took place as Lelouch was exiting his car in front of his production offices in Paris’ tony 8th district. He was returning from the mountains, he said, and placed the suitcases on the ground as he went around to the other side of the car and they were quickly snatched by passersby.

The 80-year-old Palme d’Or winner says that this is the only existing copy of the script and that the notes are irreplaceable.

“They have my address. I make this plea to them. I am waiting for a miracle,” he said in his appeal to the thieves to return the script and notebooks. He said the years of notebooks “have accompanied me my whole life.”

Along with his writings, Lelouch’s passport and a notable amount of cash, €15,000 ($18,300), was also in the suitcases. Lelouch said he always travels with that much currency in reserve in case he has to “go abroad” at the last minute.

Since the thieves have the cash, the filmmaker said he scoured the neighborhood trash cans looking for the notes and script, and has filed a report with the police.

In an interview with Franceinfo, Lelouch said he still plans to proceed with the film but it will be postponed roughly one year.

Lelouch’s last two films were comedies starring Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin, 2015’s Un + Une and 2017’s Everyone’s Life, which co-starred the late rock legend Johnny Hallyday in his last screen role.