French Effervescence for online game show

'Hold Onto Your Seat' logging 200,000 visitors a day

CANNES -- French TV viewers have been bubbling with excitement over Gallic production company Effervescence's interactive quiz show "Hold Onto Your Seat," with the program's online gaming format attracting more than 200,000 unique visitors per day and heading for an international makeover.

"Hold Onto Your Seat," which airs daily on national terrestrial channel France 2 and has already been optioned by Embassy Row's Michael Davies, launched its interactive Web game in October 2007. The pop culture quiz has since become a hit, attracting 1.5 million subscribers in just one year, and continues to lure the most visitors of any France Televisions Web site, even more than the one for France 3 cult soap opera "Plus Belle la Vie."

Effervescence founder and president Simone Harari plans to capitalize on the game site's success with the launch of new outfit Silicon Carne, which will focus on Web adaptations of major TV game shows. Silicon Carne's first project, "Duel," has seen 170,000 Internet users sign up in just two months and it plans to launch a Web game based on Fremantle's "Going for Gold" format in November.
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