French Film Production Rises in 2011

There were 272 films produced in the country last year for nearly 1.4 billion Euros.

The year 2011 was a prolific one for French cinema with 272 films produced in the territory, the highest number in the history of France’s coveted seventh art form, according to figures from national film organization the CNC. The record production was up by 10 films from even the year before.

French majority productions totaled 207 films for a budget of 1.128 billion Euros, 152 of which were 100 percent French and 55 of which were French majority co-productions.

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French minority co-productions jumped from 58 titles in 2010 to 65 in 2011 while French majority co-productions fell from 188 to 183 films. The total investment in production reached 1.389 billion Euros.

Digital cinema was all the rage in the territory with 72 percent of all French initiated productions shot in the format, namely 150 titles out of a total of 207, up from only 45 percent in 2010. 2011 was not only a record year for film production, but also for the Gallic box office with 215.59 tickets sold in the territory last year.