French filmgoers to get taste of red carpet


PARIS -- France's largest cinema operator, Kinepolis Group, plans to beam red carpet arrivals ahead of the rollout of Buena Vista International's action thriller "Deja Vu" to a select group of theaters from its network across France and Belgium, the company said Tuesday.

Footage of cast members arriving at the Kinepolis Le Chateau du Cinema in Lomme next Wednesday, will be beamed to more than 5,000 filmgoers in Mulhouse, Thionville, Metz, Nancy, Nimes, Brussels, Liege and Antwerp.

Tickets for the Tony Scott-directed film starring Denzel Washington can be purchased in advance for €8 ($10.50) at each boxoffice venue. The Kinepolis Group provides digital cinema via DLP technology on a large number of projectors in Belgium, France and Spain.

In addition to the HDDC broadcast of digital feature films, visitors to Kinepolis theaters can also experience such alternative digital content as film premieres, television programs, live concerts, sporting events and gaming.

Next Wednesday's gala event will be introduced by a journalist from popular Gallic cinema magazine STUDIO and a bilingual hostess will interview the stars in English with a concurrent French broadcast via direct video transmission on Kinepolis' various screens, the company said.

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