French gov't boosts film, TV aid


PARIS -- State aid for French films and TV will rise next year, Cultural Minister Christine Albanel said Wednesday.

National aid for film production will climb 4.5% in 2008 to a total of €528.5 million ($746.4 million). The state will put aside €3.4 million ($4.8 million) for the development of feature films (0.4% more than in 2007) and €1.8 million ($2.54 million) for feature screenplays (1.3% more than in 2007).

The Cultural Ministry predicts 185 million ticket sales in 2008, based on the 175 million tickets sold in 2005 and 188 million in 2006. The tax on movie tickets in 2007 will represent 10.72% of each ticket's price.

Public television group France Televisions also will see its budget rise 3.5% next year. The global budget for the public audiovisual industry, more than 75% of which is financed by public resources, increased 3% to €3.86 billion ($5.45 billion).

Albanel emphasized a focus on "French and European audiovisual and cinematographic creation" and her hope that "public television will be a privileged vector for the works of our creators."