French Models Now Need a Doctor's Note to Work

French Skinny Ban - H 2015
AP Images

French Skinny Ban - H 2015

As part of the country's latest effort to ensure their well-being, models are being required to verify a clean bill of health.

In an effort to protect not only models' health, but also the health of young consumers of popular culture and the fashion industry, lawmakers in France have put forth a new piece of legislation which will make the well-being of models a priority.  

On Thursday, a revised bill was passed which requires French models to prove that they are in good health by presenting a verified note from a doctor, The Guardian reports. Additionally, the bill stipulates that all Photoshopped images of models must be labeled as "touched up." 

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This new provision replaces an earlier version of the bill which required models to meet a specific BMI requirement. As before, brands and designers who violate the law will be fined up to 75,000 euros ($82,000) and may be sentenced to six months in prison. 

A portion of the earlier bill which targeted "pro-ana" websites by making them punishable offenses has been excised from the revised version.