French Perfumer Kilian Hennessy Releases Scented Jewelry

kilian hennessy - H 2014
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kilian hennessy - H 2014

The Kilian fragrance founder dishes on how men and women will be able to smell fresh all day, thanks to his latest aroma-filled accessories

Kilian Hennessy, founder of the famed Kilian fragrance brand beloved by Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, has released a new three-set scent collection called Addictive State of Mind. The set is inspired by addictions, with names such as "Intoxicated" (Turkish coffee), "Light My Fire" (cigar) and "Smoke for the Soul" (cannabis-inspired). "I really want to speak more to men with this collection," Hennessy explained, as his past collection, In the Garden of Good and Evil, was geared more toward women, with floral, citrus and vanilla notes, and white-and-gold packaging.

With an eco-luxury motto in mind, all the bottles are made to last and are refillable. "For me, real luxury can't be disposable," he said. Hennessy keeps cufflinks and pens in his recycled boxes, and yes ladies, he wants you to reuse the intricately engraved metal and dark wood box as a clutch since the vision behind the packaging was based on a vintage 1970s cigar box.

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After working for Alexander McQueen, Dior and Armani, he decided it was time to create his own brand of unique scents. "I knew it would really make me happy, and I would feel complete if I built something with my two hands," said Hennessy, who is the descendent of Hennessy founder Richard Hennessy

So, does the man behind the fragrances have a signature scent? Not quite. "I use perfume as a wardrobe. I don't want to wear the same shoes or jacket every day, but in summer, I do wear Bamboo Harmony almost every day," he shared.

For a totally new endeavor, the brand also is releasing scented jewelry — and we're not talking about the old-school plastic rings with perfume in the center. The holiday Studio 54 collection is inspired by the club itself and reminiscent of a disco ball decorated with Swarovski crystals.

He got the idea to design the aromatic jewelry line after being approached to create body lotions and shower gels but didn't want to compromise the formula. It did, however, inspire the concept of layering scents and the idea that accessories could release a subtle trace of aroma throughout the day. Another important piece of the puzzle was image. "We got to thinking about how to make our perfume visible and beautiful. It really is in our DNA, because everything we make has to have the capacity to last a lifetime, and jewelry is something you pass down." This is done through microencapsulating a scent onto the silk chord (the shopper chooses one of five best-selling scents) or by spraying a caged piece of porous ceramic (pick any scent and the customer can recharge their disk at home with their favorite fragrance). 

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The women's accessories are available in rhodium or plated 18-karat gold, starting at $250, and men's leather bracelets, beginning at $195. "This is just the beginning," said the Sorbonne graduate, who is also in talks to work on a collection with Paige Novick in the spring with plans on creating a larger jewelry collection in the fall. Shoppers can pick the jewelry up for a limited time at Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills, or visit the company's website. Smells like a good plan to us.