French President Emmanuel Macron's $30K Makeup Budget Under Scrunity

Emmanuel Macron - Varna Press Conference - Getty - H 2017
Bertrand Guay/Getty Images

The report comes at a time when the leader's approval rating has taken a hit.

French president Emmanuel Macron is facing criticism after a recent report revealed his expensive makeup habit.

Le Point, a weekly political and news magazine in Paris, reported that Macron's makeup artist, Natasha M., submitted invoices that accumulated to 26,000 euros (roughly $30,901) for her work with the president in his first three months in office. The president's office confirmed the news on Friday and said the budget "will be reduced significantly," according to The Washington Post.

Macron's allowance is still less than his predecessor, Francois Hollande, who spent about $11,000 a month on haircuts, notes The Post.

The report comes at a time when Macron's approval rating has taken a hit; only 37 percent of voters approve of the president (not much different than Donald Trump's approval rating of 34 percent), compared to 57 percent in May when he was first elected.

Across the Atlantic, leaders have also dealt with criticism for their grooming habits. In 1993, then-president Bill Clinton shut down LAX for about an hour to get a $200 haircut from Beverly Hills stylist Christophe. Then there was Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who spent $400 on haircuts from another Beverly Hills stylist, Joseph Torrenueva. Edwards also once paid $1,250 for a haircut from Torrenueva, who had to fly to Atlanta and missed two days of work for the gig.