French President Calls Paris Attacks "Act of War" by ISIS

AP Images
French president Francois Hollande

"France was attacked in a cowardly way, violently," Francois Hollande also said during a Saturday press conference and announced three days of national mourning.

The deadly Paris attacks Friday night were carried out by ISIS, French president Francois Hollande said during a press conference in the French capital on Saturday.

News reports by the BBC and others quoted Hollande as saying the attacks were an "act of war" that they had been planned and organized from abroad with the help of people inside France.

Sky News showed the video of his comments and quoted him as saying: "We are protecting the citizens and the country." Added Hollande: "France was attacked in a cowardly way, violently." And he said: "France will be unbreakable."

The president announced three days of national mourning. He also updated the death toll by saying at least 127 were killed in the attacks in various locations.

The Islamic State group on Saturday released an undated video, in which a militant is heard saying France "will not live in peace as long as bombing continues" in Syria. There was no clear sign of when the video was recorded and it does not mention specifics of Friday's attack. The video was released through the Islamic State's propaganda arm, the Al-Hayat Media Centre.

The video shows a bearded fighter, speaking in Arabic, calling on French Muslims to carry out attacks in France if they are unable to travel to Syria themselves. “As long as you keep bombing, you will not live in peace," he says, according to a Reuters translation. "You will even fear traveling to the market."


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