French scribes sked Script Days


PARIS -- French scribes are heading to the sun, with Gallic professional screenwriters association L'Union Guilde des Scenaristes (UGS) planning a series of events and programs devoted to the trade in line with May's Festival de Cannes, organizers said Friday.

The UGS, in partnership with author's alliance the SACD, will hold a online script market April 30-June 30 in addition to a Script Days initiative at the festival.

Under the motto "to make a good movie, you need a good script," UGS' 200-plus members created the first French Script Market at the 2006 Cannes fest. The organization includes writers for film, television, animation and multimedia, with "Days of Glory" scribe Olivier Lorelle and "36, Quai des Orfevres" writer Olivier Marchal among its members.

As of April 30, French and international producers, directors and agents will once again be able to access a database featuring pitches from screenwriters at

During the festival, the Script Market will make its way to the Pantiero for information sessions, meetings and demonstrations that will take place every day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A Sleepless Night of Scripts, focusing on feature films, kicks off May 20 at 10 p.m. and wraps the following morning at 6 a.m. During the all-night script consultation event, participants will consult various scripts in groups and deal with such issues as plot development and writer's block.

Other Cannes events planned by the UGS include a Master Class from playwright Jerome Soubeyrand and a Round Table on May 23 focusing on the future of TV and film in the digital age.

On April 26, the UGS will present the first "Jacques Prevert Script Prize" to the best French original and adapted screenplays of 2006 according to a jury led by actor and director Vincent Perez.