"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Disrupts C-SPAN in Prank (Video)

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'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

"A couple of guys who were up to no good essentially started causing trouble in my neighborhood," said the prankster, who clearly did not want to discuss the situation in Iran.

Perhaps people on C-SPAN will soon begin telling each other, "Smell you later."

A prankster called in to the network during Tuesday's episode of Washington Journal, ostensibly to weigh in on how much influence Congress should have in Iran negotiations. However, the caller, who referred to himself as "Jack Strickland," appeared to be more focused on the '90s Will Smith series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air than on Mid East policy. 

"I just wanted to make it clear, first of all, I'm calling from Bel-Air, Calif., but I am originally from Philadelphia — specifically, West Philadelphia," said the caller, citing facts from the NBC sitcom's expository theme song.

"I was actually discussing this issue with a friend of mine recently, while I was in Philly," he continued. "It occurred on a basketball court. At some point during the conversation, a couple of guys who were up to no good essentially started causing trouble in my neighborhood." As any Fresh Prince fan worth his or her salt knows, this is a description of its opening credits footage.

Sadly, the network got wise to Strickland before he was able to describe the entire storyline from the theme song. 

This incident took place on the same day that Jon Stewart took C-SPAN to task during a Daily Show segment, mocking the network's call-in policy. "Obviously, because this is C-SPAN, the caller will probably be an non-screened, unapologetic racist," Stewart said.

The C-SPAN footage can be seen below. 

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