'Friday Night Tykes' Coach on Injured Kid: 'Keep Sticking It to Him' (Exclusive Video)

The Esquire Network show follows several adolescent tackle football teams.

As football fans get ready for Super Bowl on Sunday, Esquire Network is giving a different perspective on the path that some of the players may have taken to get to the big game.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip from Friday Night Tykes, which covers the state of youth football. In this clip, head coach Tony Coley tells his players to target the opposing team's running back, who had already taken multiple hits and was down for a short while due to fear of potential neck injury. Coley bluntly addresses the camera, stating: "He's hurt, and he's their leader, so we are going to keep giving it to him. Keep sticking it to him."

This is the second season of the docuseries, which is known for its raw depiction of tackle football in the Texas Youth Football Association, often showing children, under the age of 10, taking hard hits from opposing teams and practicing in 95-degree heat. 

The hardline coaching portrayed in the show has received a lot of criticism amid calls to make the sport safer and efforts by the NFL to reduce head-to-head collisions. The New York City Council is currently considering legislation that would require a doctor to be present at all youth football games to keep an eye out for possible concussions.

After the first season aired, two of the league's coaches were suspended due to their behavior on the show.

Friday Night Tykes airs at 9 p.m. Tuesdays.