'Fright Night': Colin Farrell's On-Screen Victim Shares Her Story

Lorey Sebastian/DreamWorks

Actress Emily Montague says that Farrell improvised the sensual side of his vampire character.

The photo from Fright Night that has been plastered all over media sites shows Colin Farrell cradling a blonde woman, her neck exposed to his very hungry mouth.

The actress may be faceless in the photo, but she’s speaking out about the scene and what it was like to work with Farrell.

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Emily Montague, who has appeared on Melrose Place and CSI, got her first big studio feature role in Fright Night. She plays Doris, a resident who is lured by her neighbor (Farrell) into his home, where he proceeds to snack on her. Because, you know, he’s a vampire.

“In the screenplay, he was only going to bite my neck. There was a lot of smelling and sniffing and touching involved,” she wrote in a piece in The Daily Beast.

Farrell and director Craig Gillespie decided they wanted to make the sense more sensual and less vicious. “So he licked some of my chest all the way to the back of my ear. That wasn’t in the script; that’s something Colin added in.”

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Of course, after shooting, Montague’s friends wanted all the details. “But I didn’t have many. He was so nice. I don’t think he’s much of a partier anymore. He’s very open about the fact that he went to rehab and he’s sober, and he’s really just a great guy,” she wrote.

Farrell told the media that he enjoyed getting into the mind of a vampire. “How they attack and feed off their prey seems very sensual and erotic -- biting the neck. You don't have to be a vampire to partake in such activity, but it takes it to an extreme. Blood is the liquid of life," Farrell said.

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