'Fringe' benefits for pair

Acevedo, Arana on Fox drama pilot

Kirk Acevedo and Tomas Arana have been tapped to co-star in "Fringe," Fox's high-profile sci-fi drama from J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Mark Valley also has joined the two-hour, $10 million pilot, which is being directed by Alex Graves.

"Fringe," which Abrams' Bad Robot is producing with Warner Bros. TV, centers on a young female FBI agent who is forced to confront the spread of unexplained phenomena and work with an institutionalized scientist whose work might be at the center of the coming storm.

Arana will play a special agent for Homeland Security who heads the special Fringe division, established to investigate a series of terrorist/paranormal events. Acevedo and Valley will play FBI agents.

Arana, known for his role in "Gladiator," next appears in "Defiance."

Acevedo's series credits include HBO's "Oz" and NBC's "The Black Donnellys." Valley co-starred on "Boston Legal."