Hugh Jackman Battles Scandal Amid a Presidential Campaign in 'The Front Runner' Trailer

Jackman portrays Gary Hart in the Jason Reitman political drama, which details his presidential run in 1988.

Sony Pictures Entertainment released the first trailer for The Front Runner on Thursday.

The Jason Reitman-directed film stars Hugh Jackman as the Democratic frontrunner for the White House in 1988, Colorado Sen. Gary Hart. The film details the turbulent presidential campaign — tackling topics of a free press and politics — following the public revelation that Hart was involved in a scandalous love affair.

Vera Farmiga, J.K. Simmons, Alfred Molina and Sara Paxton also star; the latter plays Donna Rice, the actress and model with whom Hart was alleged to be having an extramarital affair.

The trailer opens with Hart announcing his campaign. "I'd never known a guy more talented at untangling politics so that anyone can understand it. It is a gift and he wants to share that," says Bill Dixon (Simmons), Hart's campaign manager, as the candidate meets potential voters and posing for photos. "And all anyone wants is for him to take a stupid photo. He will never understand that."

Hart's public image then begins to dwindle when reporters ask him about a woman staying at his townhouse. "It's up to us to hold these guys accountable," says a reporter as clips of other journalists rationalize their coverage of the affair based on Hart's prominent status.

As Hart continues to deny the allegations of an affair, he is seen at a breaking point and aggressively states: "This campaign is about the future. Not rumors. Not sleaze. And I care about the sanctity of this process."

The trailer concludes with Hart calling his wife, Lee (Farmiga), and warning her that the news of the affair was about to come out.

The Front Runner is set to premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in September and will hit theaters just after midterm elections Nov. 7.