'Frozen' Tune 'Let It Go' Parodied by Texas Politician's Campaign (Video)

The Oscar-winning song is given politically charged lyrics in new attack ad.

Proving there's always room for one more "Let It Go" parody, the Oscar-winning Frozen tune has now been borrowed by a political campaign in Texas. 

In the May 27 Republican runoff election for Texas lieutenant governor, incumbent David Dewhurst is facing off against challenger Dan Patrick, a radio host and state senator. This week, Dewhurst released a parody version of "Let It Go," with new lyrics that purportedly shed light on Patrick's past. 

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The ad -- paid for by the David Dewhurst Committee -- features a caricature of Patrick singing into a microphone while dressed as Frozen heroine Elsa the Snow Queen. The chorus replaces the words "let it go" with "Dannie Goeb," Patrick's birth name before he had it legally changed. 

"I changed my name to cover my past, to cover my bankruptcy," sings Patrick-as-Elsa. "Now the voters know my secrets -- they know I had unpaid tax liens." Later in the video, lyrics refer to Patrick as a "phony radio disc jockey."

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In response to the ad, Patrick's campaign cites website PolitiFact Texas. That site questions the allegation that Patrick changed his name to hide his tax debts, calling it a "ridiculous, unsupported claim." The Patrick campaign has also created a BuzzFeed parody called DewFeed, linking Frozen GIFs to claims about Dewhurst.

Perhaps both politicians could use one of Olaf's warm hugs.  

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