Frozen Yogurt Company Apologizes for "Grab 'Em by the Fro-Yo" Ad During Presidential Debate

16 Handles - H - 2016
16 Handles/Facebook

An email from 16 Handles was sent the night of the final presidential debate with the subject, "We're making Fro-Yo great again."

Frozen Yogurt company 16 Handles' political humor didn't go as well as planned when they tried a play on Donald Trump's words, encouraging people to "grab 'em by the fro-yo." 

The company sent an email on the night of the final presidential debate referencing Trump's leaked hot mic conversation where the candidate says, "And when you’re a star, they let you do it. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." The comments have since sparked multiple women to speak out on claims of sexual assault by Trump in the past. 

Soon after the ad was sent, 16 Handles issued an apology in a follow-up email.

"The 16 Handles team deeply regrets any unintended harm our recent e-blast has caused," the company said Wednesday night. "We do not endorse any presidential candidates, nor their statements or actions. In an attempt to facetiously reference pop culture, we made a callous mistake. We apologize for the offense we have caused, and we would like to remind our customers that we oppose all forms of sexual abuse and harassment."

The original email subject also was Trump-themed with the phrase, "We're making Fro-Yo great again." The company soon after was met with critical tweets from many who didn't find the ad funny.

The ad comes on the same day as Trump and Hillary Clinton square off in the final presidential debate in Las Vegas, moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace.