Fuji TV Readies 3D Content for New Year

Two New Series Prepared for January Slots

TOKYO – Fuji TV is producing Japan’s first 3D drama series as the network ramps up its 3D content for the New Year.

To be broadcast on one of Fuji’s cable and satellite HD channels from Jan. 19,Tokyo Control is to be 10 episodes following the trials and tribulations of the capital’s air traffic controllers. 

Starring Ayako Kawahara and Saburo Tokito, a regular 2D version will be broadcast on another Fuji channel.

Fuji will also launch a new midnight Sunday 3D slot on its broadcast satellite BS Fuji channel that will feature sports, documentaries and music programs. It will begin with three specials on Jan. 1, 2 and 3, and then commence regular broadcasts from Jan. 9.

The series will be titled 3D*3D – pronounced sande sande – a play on the Japanese word for three (san) and the English word Sunday.  

Sony is partnering with Fuji, Japan’s biggest network, to produce the 3D for both series.