'Full House' Creator Lists $30M Home: "If You Can't Get Laid in That Bedroom, There's Something Wrong With You"

Jeff Franklin dishes on the Richard Landry-designed digs and what celebrity he can see moving in.

Full House creator Jeff Franklin has an empty house on his hands. But you'd need a few mansions full of cash to afford it.

The mega property — financed by Franklin, designed by celebrity architect Richard Landry and tucked away above the Sunset Strip at 1302 Collingwood Place — has just hit the market with a price tag of $30 million. The listing agents are The Agency’s Mauricio Umansky, Blair Chang and Brendan Fitzpatrick, the latter of whom stars on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E!.

Franklin, a lifelong bachelor who confirms he's still looking for true love, never had any intention of living in the new digs, because he already resides in his dream house (also designed by Landry) not too far away. But he did want to build an attractive spread on the address that he’s owned for nearly three decades.

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A few of the key features include a fully retractable skylight, an indoor-outdoor shower in the master bedroom, Italian limestone tile and a 6-car subterranean garage that can double as a nightclub. He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the "masterpiece," which officially debuted on Oct. 16 with a nighttime bash on the grounds. The event — hosted by The Agency and Lamborghini of Beverly Hills — doubles as the first L.A. unveiling for the new Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4.

You built a beautiful house with Richard Landry that you don’t want to live in. Why?

There's a part of me that would love to move in, but I already have a home. It makes no sense to have your winter house five minutes from your summer house. But it will kill me to sell that house, because I've owned the property for 26 years and I lived there over 20 years. I have so many wonderful memories there. It's the most awesome site in all of Los Angeles.

Why did you move?

I bought the property in 1988 and lived there 20 years. The house was very small, only 1,600 square feet and one bedroom. I never could live or entertain the way I wanted. So I built another home where I live now, off Benedict Canyon. It's magnificent. But I always wanted to knock down this other house and build something there, so this was an opportunity to do that and maximize the value of the land there.

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What's so great about this property?

It's only 30 seconds up the street from Sunset, with views from the San Bernardino Mountains to Santa Monica. Instead of being one story, it's three stories, and your bedroom is 40 feet in the air. The best part about it is the master bedroom because you have retractable walls of glass. It's a sexy little jewel box that sits on top of Los Angeles. The indoor-outdoor shower is like taking a shower on top of Los Angeles. No one can see you unless you want them too. If you can't get laid in that bedroom, there's something wrong with you. It's the sexiest bedroom I've ever seen. Somebody is going to be extremely lucky in that house.

It's expensive — $30 million. Who paid for the development and construction?

It's self-financed.

What are the best amenities?

There's a beautiful swimming pool and Jacuzzi with an infinity edge; there's a home theater, a couple of bars, four bedrooms and another that could be a fifth. The vibe is really special, but the bedroom is the coolest thing about it.

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Who can you see living here?

I don't know if Leo DiCaprio needs another home, but that's the kind of guy who should live there. I hope whoever it is loves entertaining because people are going to want to come and not leave. Hopefully a guy or girl who likes to be special — and a couple dogs.

For the debut of the house, you're hosting a party there. I've never heard of that. Why?

I have horrible visions of people spilling drinks and landscape getting trampled. But this is the idea of my realtors, and I'm trusting that this is a genius idea. Then again, maybe they will forget and leave one of the Lamborghinis.