Former Funny or Die Executive Launches Social Movie Website

Mitch Galbraith left his post last year to form his new venture with Mark Smallcombe.

Former COO of Funny or Die Mitch Galbraith has launched a new website, Flickme, a social streaming movie service.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution are the first to ink license agreements with the new venture, which allows consumers to rent and buy movies, connect with friends and share recommendations and deals.

“We’ve built a short cut to find movies you’ll love,” said Galbraith, CEO of Flickme. “We're assembling a library of thousands of top Hollywood titles and enabling highly personalized recommendations from close friends to ensure every movie you watch on flickme is a winner.”

Galbraith exited his post from Funny or Die last year to form his new venture, which was founded earlier this year by Galbraith and Mark Smallcombe, who collaborated previously on two start-ups. The duo received funding from Sequoia Capital.