The Funny or Die MVPs

2 FEA FunnyOrDie The Landlord H

The sketch starring Will Ferrell and Peal McKay -- daughter of Funny or Die co-founder Adam McKay -- was a viral sensation.

The 10 men -- and one foulmouthed little girl -- who laid the foundation for the digital comedy empire.

Dick Glover, Funny or Die president and CEO
A veteran of ESPN, Disney and NASCAR, Glover took on the top spot in early 2008.

Andrew Steele, FoD creative director
An SNL colleague who wrote for Ferrell, Steele was brought on in mid-2008 to watch over the site's creative sensibility.

Mike Farah, FoD production president
The company's first in-house producer, Farah now launches 30 original videos a month.

Will Ferrell, FoD co-founder; actor-writer
The movie star-turned-web entrepreneur traded $100 million budgets for $100 budgets and a whole new level of notoriety.

Adam McKay, FoD co-founder; writer-director
A Ferrell collaborator since the mid-'90s, McKay invests the brand with topical humor and political edge.

Chris Henchy, FoD co-founder and writer
The TV producer became a creative partner in Gary Sanchez and FoD while forging a screenwriting career.

Judd Apatow, FoD co-owner; writer-director
The early addition to the team was instrumental in bringing celebrity talent while often contributing to the site himself.

Mark Kvamme, Sequoia Capital
A successful web-based venture capitalist, Kvamme helped develop and invest in the idea, then saved it once it exploded.

Michael Yanover, CAA head of business development
Along with a colleague, Yanover secured investors and recruited the Sanchez crew.

Michael Kvamme, Kvamme's son, a comedian
A complaint to his dad about the absence of well-curated Internet comedy sparked the site's voting structure.

Pearl McKay, McKay's daughter, a child
The toddler's talent for mimicking her parents' verbal prompts went from parlor trick to Internet sensation.