Funny or Die Premieres Weekly Series on Snapchat Discover

Funny or Die You're Welcome - P 2015

Funny or Die You're Welcome - P 2015

'You're Welcome' is a weekly roundup of pop culture and Internet news.

Funny or Die wants to become a source of weekly news — on Snapchat. 

The digital media company has debuted a news roundup series on Snapchat's Discovery channel. You're Welcome, which will stream every Friday on the Snap Channel, will give a bite-sized overview of pop culture news and topics that are trending on the Internet. The premiere episode is Super Bowl-focused, with news about halftime performer Katy Perry and trending Super Bowl commercials. 

The series, hosted by comedian Brandon Wardell, will run for 12 episodes. Betsy Koch is the series showrunner and Dashiell Driscoll is head writer. 

You're Welcome is part of the curated stable of content that Snapchat will feature on its Discover channel, which sits alongside channels from media brands such as Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN and others. As part of the channel, Snapchat is also producing its own web series, Literally Can't Even, which will air on Saturdays

Funny or Die, which has its roots on the Internet, has been at the forefront of experimenting with content on new platforms, including Vine and Instagram. For the company, Snapchat has been the logical next step, says vp marketing and distribution Patrick Starzan. "We've been early adopters of Snapchat," he says. "This felt like a really great way to get onto the platform and play around with content and see what resonates." 

Episodes of You're Welcome will clock in at about one minute to keep the news quick and snappy. And, like everything else on Snapchat, it will disappear, in this case after 24 hours. Starzan says that the ephemeral quality of the content creates the feeling that it's must-see programming. "You have to tune in that day if you like the series or you'll miss it," he adds. "That's interesting to us because content is really going to drive the success of this. We have to focus on creating content that people will want to come back to." 

Jan. 30, 2:51 p.m. Updated to clarify Koch's role.