'Furious 7': Over 230 Cars Were Destroyed During Film's Shoot

Furious 7 Still - H 2015

One particular scene saw 40 cars rendered unusable.

Reckless driving isn't quite as repercussion-free as the Fast and Furious films make it seem.

More than 230 cars were destroyed during the filming of Furious 7, the Universal franchise's picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy told the Washington Post

One sequence filmed on a mountainous highway pass in Colorado proved to be particularly damaging. "We probably destroyed 40-plus vehicles just shooting that sequence," McCarthy told the Post. 

During the filming of 2013's Fast & Furious 6, the movie's team set up deals with owners of area used-car lots and junkyards. "We'd wreck 25 cars a day; they’d come out at night, scoop 'em up and bring us 25 more," McCarthy said.

He added that the crew needed to be particularly careful that each ruined car would get completely crushed and rendered unusable, as to avoid any possible litigation by people who want to own a film-used car.

"We have to account for every single car destroyed in each film," he explained.

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