'Furious 7': Demand Prompts New York Theater to Stay Open All Night

AMC Fresh Meadows - H
Courtesy AMC Theaters

It's virtually unprecedented for a cinema to screen movies 24/7, save for some installments in the 'Harry Potter' and 'Dark Knight' franchises.

Based on demand, the AMC Fresh Meadows 7 in Queens, New York hasn't closed its doors since Universal's Furious 7 opened Thursday night, offering round-the-clock showings of the final movie from the late Paul Walker.

Few can remember any theater keeping its doors open 24/7, save for some installments in the Harry Potter and the Dark Knight series. 

"Our theaters don't want to end the night on a sellout, so as long as guests are still filling up the auditoriums, we keep the doors open and the popcorn hot," said AMC's Ryan Noonan.

Fresh Meadows, located in a diverse area of Queens, quickly found itself adding showings. It paid off, with the cinema setting a daily attendance record Friday that bested Fifty Shades of Grey.

AMC upgraded the seven-plex two years by installing plush, red-leather reclining seats and offering expanded food choices, giving the theater a competitive edge over nearby rivals and boosting ticket sales.

So far, Fresh Meadows is the only theater known to be staying open all night for Furious 7, which is on course to gross a massive $150 million over Easter weekend in North America for a total worldwide launch well north of $300 million.