11 Paul Walker Movies You Can Watch Online

'She's All That' (1999)
Courtesy of Everett Collection

Walker's hot streak continued just two weeks after the release of Varsity Blues with She's All That. One of Freddie Prinze Jr.'s string of teen-targeted rom-coms, Walker played the bad boy to Prinze's nice guy in the My Fair Lady update.

Fans who are eager to check out the late actor's earlier roles after seeing his final movie, 'Furious 7,' have several options on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes.

Paul Walker's final movie role in Furious 7 might have inspired fans to re-watch, or check out for the first time, some of his earlier films available online.

While none of the previous Fast and Furious films are available for streaming on Netflix or through Amazon's Prime Instant Video service, all of those titles are available on iTunes and Amazon, with Fast & Furious 6 also available for on-demand streaming by HBO subscribers on HBO Go.

Many of Walker's non-Fast roles are also streaming. His early film roles as popular high-school teens in Varsity Blues and She's All That are available on Netflix and (in the case of She's All That) Amazon's Prime Instant Video. His more recent, posthumously released movies Hours and Brick Mansions are also streaming. Meanwhile, his well-reviewed 2001 horror movie Joy Ride and first big movie role in Pleasantville are both available on iTunes and Amazon.

Pleasantville (1998): One of Walker's first major movie roles was in this 1998 film starring Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon as two '90s teenagers transported into a black-and-white TV town that begins to change into color as Maguire and Witherspoon's characters shake up the wholesome world. Director Gary Ross told Walker he'd been cast when the broke actor showed up at the casting office to pick up his head shots to reuse them for future auditions. He was in disbelief when Ross told him he got the part, exclaiming, ""DUDE! I can turn on MY PHONE!"
Where to watch: Amazon (for purchase) and iTunes (for purchase)

Varsity Blues (1999): Walker played star quarterback Lance Harbor in this teen movie about high school football in West Canaan, Texas. When Walker's character suffers a serious knee injury, backup John Moxon (James Van Der Beek) takes over and quickly becomes the toast of the town.
Where to watch: Amazon (for rent or purchase), iTunes (for rent or purchase) and Netflix

She's All That (1999): Just weeks after Varsity Blues hit theaters, Walker was back as another high schooler, this time playing popular kid Dean, who bets Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Zack that he can't turn gawky Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook) into the prom queen.
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Instant Video (also for rent or purchase), iTunes (for rent or purchase) and Netflix

Joy Ride (2001): Walker co-starred with Steve Zahn in this well-reviewed 2001 horror film about a cross-country road trip that turns into a nightmarish attempt to escape a psychotic truck driver.
Where to watch: Amazon (for rent or purchase) and iTunes (for rent or purchase)

Hours (2013): Walker's first posthumously released film hit theaters less than two weeks after the actor died in a tragic car crash. In this survival story, set in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Walker plays a new father trying to keep his baby daughter alive.
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Instant Video (also for purchase), iTunes (for purchase) and Netflix

Brick Mansions (2014): In another posthumous release, Walker played undercover cop Damien Collier in this action film set in a futuristic, lawless part of Detroit.
Where to watch: Amazon (for rent or purchase), iTunes (for rent or purchase) and Netflix

Earlier Fast and Furious Movies: Walker played Brian O'Conner in all but the third Fast and Furious film, Tokyo Drift. The lucrative franchise, which was launched in 2001, made a big comeback in 2009, when the fourth film was released. All of the previous racing titles are available on Amazon and iTunes, with the sixth film also streaming for HBO subscribers via HBO Go.
Where to watch: Amazon (for rent or purchase), iTunes (for rent or purchase), HBO Go (Fast & Furious 6)