'Furious 7' Teases Seven Seconds of Fast-Paced Fights

Ludacris, Paul Walker and a man crashing through a glass window all make cameos

Just days before the first trailer for Universal's seventh installment in the Fast & Furious franchise is set to debut, Furious 7's Vine account posted seven seconds of some of the film's fight sequences.

The clip cuts quickly between a few different combat scenes, but among the sights are Ludacris elbowing someone in the face, another character crashing through a window and what looks like the late Paul Walker (or maybe it's one of his look-alike brothers) throwing a few punches.

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Wednesday's Vine is just the latest Furious 7 content that Universal has unveiled via social media. On Sunday the Fast & Furious Facebook page revealed that the film would be titled Furious 7 and debuted a new poster. Since then, the page has teased the upcoming movie, set to hit theaters on April 3, 2015, with looks back at the previous six films and daily seven-second previews of the latest installment.

Furious 7's first trailer is set to be live-streamed on the Fast & Furious Facebook page on Saturday.