'Furious 7': Watch Vin Diesel Pay Tribute to Paul Walker By Singing "See You Again" (Video)

A video of Diesel tearfully performing the Wiz Khalifa-Charlie Puth track has been released.

After burning up the box office in its debut weekendFurious 7 also has received a lot of attention because of the focus on its late star, Paul Walker.

And not only has the film been bringing in viewers, so has the music video for "See You Again" from its soundtrack. Performed by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puththe visual pays tribute to Walker, who died in 2013.

Now, Walker's co-star and pal Vin Diesel is remembering his late friend by singing several lines from the emotional song. A video of Diesel tearfully performing "See You Again" has been released.

(Fans will note that this is hardly his first tribute to his friend. Diesel also named his daughter, Pauline, after him.)

In addition to Diesel's take on the track, Wiz also performed it on Wednesday night's The Voice. He was joined by season-seven performer Chris Jamison (in for Puth) for the equally stirring performance.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.