Fuse joins 'Halloween II' promotion

Rob Zombie will host commercial break on cable channel

In Fuse's first co-branded integration campaign with a film studio, the music-centered cable channel has teamed with the Weinstein Co. to promote the Aug. 28 release of "Halloween II."

During the week of Aug. 24, musician-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie, who wrote and directed the 2007 "Halloween" and its upcoming sequel, will host an exclusive five minute commercial break at 5:05 p.m. that will include behind-the-scenes footage from the sequel.

Zombie, his wife Sheri Moon Zombie and the film will be featured in interviews, exclusive clips and integrated graphics in a number of Fuse programs, including "Loaded: Rob Zombie," featuring a half-hour of Zombie's greatest music videos, "Let It Rock," and "Full Volume Flicks."