The Future of Charlie Rose's Show and Staff Is Up in the Air

Charlie Rose attends The Paley Center for Media Presents The News is Back - Getty-H 2017
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

"I wouldn't be surprised if he lets everyone go after Thanksgiving, since the show has been dropped," one source said.

On Tuesday, a day after The Washington Post broke the story of Charlie Rose's alleged history of inappropriate sexual conduct toward his employees, both Bloomberg and PBS announced that they have terminated distribution of his Charlie Rose show.

So, as it stands, Charlie Rose has a television show and no linear distribution. It's not clear whether Rose will look for a new distribution partner or whether he will simply air the show online, as Bill O'Reilly has been doing since he got booted from Fox News this spring.

The future of Rose's staff, which has historically numbered in the 25-35 range, is also extremely unclear. Rose owns his own production company, Charlie Rose Inc., and would presumably make the final decision about his employees.

Rose's employees are said to be in "limbo" and unclear about their status and the show's status.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he lets everyone go after Thanksgiving, since the show has been dropped," said someone familiar with the show.

As part of a "long-term relationship," Charlie Rose Inc. has paid Bloomberg to use a dedicated room and set in the company's New York headquarters to produce the show. A handful of Rose's production staffers — the ones that work in the Bloomberg office — use Bloomberg email addresses and computers.

But, with that relationship now terminated, that will change.

When network or cable news show get canceled, production staffers are often transferred over to other company shows. But, in Rose's case, the employees work solely for him.

Because Rose has such a lengthy relationship with Bloomberg, though, one person speculated that Bloomberg could "cherry-pick" members of Rose's staff and formally bring some of them into the company. A Bloomberg source said that's yet to be determined, but seemed to suggest it's possible, particularly for the employees who work from Bloomberg and use company email addresses. They're trying to make anything work to see about the possibility of employing any of them, the source said.

Right now, with Rose's reputation in tatters, the odds of him finding a new distribution partner in the near future are slim. And it seems doubtful that he would keep his full team in place, even if he were to begin the long process of searching for a new distributor.