Rapper Future Jumps Into Fashion with New Streetwear Collab

Courtesy of Neff Headwear

The artist, who is kicking off his fashion career with a collection for Neff Headwear, opens up about his personal style and his ambitions in the industry.

Forget the red carpet archives — if you’re looking for the most fashionable men in entertainment, you’d be better off pulling up hip-hop charts and scrolling through big names like Drake and Kanye West.

By launching their own lines (which has become something of a rite of passage in the hip-hop world), these men have proven their artistic prowess reaches far beyond knowing what it takes to produce a No. 1 single.

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So it should come as no surprise then, really, that one of the most stylish — not to mention, talented — men in hip-hop, Future, is gearing up to leave his own mark on the fashion industry.

Today, the rapper debuted his brand-new collection with Neff Headwear. Available online at Tilly's and priced accessibly between $32 for a tee and $65 for a hoodie, the collaboration is just the beginning of the career Future hopes to build in fashion world. 

"Eventually, yes, I would launch my own brand," the 32-year-old told Pret-a-Reporter of his fashion aspirations. "But the time has to be right. Quality is everything to me and I perfect everything I do. So when the time is right, I would definitely consider launching a line or collaboration."

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For now, he's dipping his toes into the design waters with his three-piece line for Neff Headwear. "The design process was organic and really pulled from my personal and casual style," Future says of working with the design team. "We pulled elements from what I like to wear in my down time and fused it with the street, laid-back vibe of Neff and we came up with something that anyone, of any race, age or demographic, could wear."

For Future, personal style has always been an important component of his work, too. "My style is a part of my music," he notes. "You can't be an artist and not put any thought or effort into the way you appear. Even if it comes off natural, everyone has a fashion sense. I've been conscious of that since day one — I’m into fly shit."

"Fly shit" includes designers and labels that run the gamut — from Dior and Louboutin to Yeezy and Nike — but with Future's own spin on styling them, of course. The "What a Time to Be Alive" rapper, who has collaborated with other fashionable artists including Drake and Rihanna, especially likes to play it up while on stage. "I mix pieces that aren't supposed to be mixed, and push designers that everyone ain't messing with at the time," he says. "My fashion sense is relatable, but stands out because it's my own."