FX Chief John Landgraf on Netflix's Programming: "Our Shows Are Better"

AP Images/Invision
John Landgraf

Landgraf pointed out on KCRW's 'The Business' that Netflix has only made 14 original series: "Take any 14 shows we've made — they're better."

FX Networks CEO John Landgraf is not intimidated by the level of general quality of Netflix's original series.

The TV exec was a guest on KCRW's The Business, where he questioned the notion that the perceived lack of hands-on attention and notes by higher-ups at Netflix and Amazon for their shows is a good thing.

"Netflix has made 14 shows," Landgraf told The Business host Kim Masters, who is also editor-at-large at The Hollywood Reporter. "Take any 14 shows we've made — they're better. Any 14 shows — on average, our shows are better."

"By the way, they have made some great shows in that 14," he continued. "I would be absolutely proud to have made and to program Orange Is the New Black. But the average quality of the shows they put out is not as good as ours, and I think that's a lack of careful attention."

Landgraf claimed that he and his team put forth considerable effort to read the scripts and watch dailies for his networks' shows, which he feels improves the content. He also said he believes that there will eventually be producers and writers for shows on Netflix and Amazon who will say that their shows felt neglected.

"I just think, beware of utopian narratives — they never turn out to be true," Landgraf said.

Landgraf earned notice in August at the TCAs when he lamented the glut of programming choices currently on offer from the various TV outlets. "This is simply too much television," he said.