FX, Sutter get 'Crow' motor runnin'


FX has given a pilot order to "Forever Sam Crow," a drama from "The Shield" writer/executive producer Kurt Sutter.

Sutter wrote the pilot of the tentatively titled drama, which is set in the world of motorcycle clubs. He also will executive produce with father and son Art and John Linson.

Sutter describes the project as a multigenerational family drama that centers on a man in his early 30s who suddenly is faced with his own responsibilities as a new father and is unsure how he's going to balance those with his involvement in a motorcycle club.

Sutter said he had been approached by the Linsons about doing something set in the biker world, adding that John Linson had some contacts that he could tap into to give the project a "level of authenticity."

"I was intrigued (by the idea), mainly because I feel like that world is never really represented well -- it is somewhat in features but not too much in television," Sutter said.

He added that three or four networks were interested in the project, but it ended up at FX because of his relationship with the network through his work on "The Shield," which he also has directed.

Sutter joked that should "Sam Crow" get picked up to series, "Hopefully, we'll be able to replace the testosterone void that 'The Shield' leaves" on FX when the gritty police drama ends its seven-season run next year.

As for the title, it refers to an acronym of the fictional motorcycle club featured in the project: Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Originals (aka Sam Crow). Sutter said it's also an "homage" to the Hells Angels motorcycle club, whose motto is Angels Forever, Forever Angels.

The project, which has been in development for a year, has a similar setting as "1%," a pilot from Michael Tolkin that recently was greenlighted at HBO (HR 10/4).

Sutter's writing credits also include the feature film "Inland Saints," which will be directed by Joel Schumacher for Paramount. He also is writing and making his feature directing debut on "Awaken the Dragon," Warner Independent Pictures' remake of "Enter the Dragon," and is writing the Warner Bros. film "The Unforgettable."

He is repped by ICM and manager Jeff Field.