FX's klieg light on it


NEW YORK -- FX unveiled a multimillion-dollar branding campaign that the cable network hopes will raise its profile even further among TV viewers.

The campaign, which begins next week inside "Nip/Tuck," will be launched despite the fact that the writers strike has put the channel in the position of not having as many original episodes of its signature shows as it would have liked.

The campaign includes some of the more memorable moments from FX's programs, led by three 60-second spots that span its entire original offerings as well as 30-second spots on each show.

FX president John Landgraf said the spots highlight the anti-hero and nonconformity strains of the shows. He paid homage to the shows' creators and writers, saying that they "really defied, even obliterated, the cliches of the genre."

The network goes into the writers strike with original episodes of "Nip/Tuck" until February but without firm plans yet for the rest of its series. A recently completed season of "The Shield" could wait until the fall, and there is a full season of the unscripted "30 Days" plus seven episodes each of "The Riches" and "Dirt."

Landgraf said that he would like to be able to hold "Riches" and "Dirt" for them to run a full season, but that might not happen. The network also has made commitments for "Rescue Me" and "Damages" once the strike is settled.

The network has doubled its audience and viewership among the adults 18-49 demo in the past five years, Landgraf said, led by such shows as "Shield" and "Rescue Me." But there's still half the adult 18-49 viewers who know the FX shows but think the network is little more than repeats.