G4 gets 'Attack of the Show' spinoff


G4 has ordered a spinoff of its top-rated series "Attack of the Show," where two hosts will conduct wacky science experiments.

"It's Effin' Science" started as a popular segment in "Show" and is now getting a 10-episode series order.

In each episode, comedian hosts Angie Greenup and Marc Horowitz, along with engineer Chad Zdenek, set out to push the boundaries of homemade experimentation. Segments include trying to build a hoverboard as in "Back to the Future II," blasting a Port-a-Potty 100 feet into the air and trying to construct night-vision goggles.

The series takes the tried-and-true "Show" format of having male-female co-hosts explore fast-paced geek-friendly topics and marries it with some "Mythbusters"-style science experimentation.

Greenup is a stand-up comic who worked on sites such as Fearnet.com, while Horowitz has worked with MTV and E!

"It's Effin' Science" is produced by Renegade and debuts June 15 following G4's live E3 coverage.