G4 orders show about 'Tough' people, places

EXCLUSIVE: Super Delicious producing docuseries

G4 is teaming with reality production house Super Delicious for a series that looks at the world's toughest people, places and things.

Titled "That's Tough!" the docuseries will show viewers the toughest high-security prisons, sniper units and bank vaults, among other examples.

G4 has ordered eight half-hour episodes of the series, which is scheduled to premiere Oct. 20. Each will profile the three toughest entries in each category.

"It's no secret that guys love to debate what the biggest, baddest, strongest is of everything," G4 president Neal Tiles said. "This series sets the record straight once and for all in a way that's edgy, irreverent and fun."

"Tough!" is produced by the WME-repped Super Delicious (Spike's "Manswers," Food Network's "Cupcake Wars"), with Cara Tapper, Adam Cohen and Joanna Vernetti executive producing.