G4, Ortiz in ring for 'Beatdown'


Consider Tito Ortiz rehired.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship title-holder might have been terminated by Donald Trump, but he's been tapped by G4 to create a reality show.

Ortiz is developing "Anytown Beatdown," a UFC-style series where friends and rivals resolve their differences by fighting in the octagon. Ortiz will train the participants in mixed-martial arts fighting, then let them duke it out.

The show has been ordered to pilot on G4, which declined comment.

Ortiz, known as the "Huntington Beach Bad Boy," is one of the most popular figures in ultimate fighting. He recently appeared on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" but was eliminated by Trump this month.

The G4 project was using the name "Anytown Throwdown." The moniker was then shifted to the more aggressive "Anytown Beatdown."

The Comcast-owned G4 network has recently been trying to populate its schedule and broaden beyond its video game base with such acquisitions as ABC's "Lost" and NBC's "Heroes."