G4's 'Campus PD' Halts Shoot After Chopper Crash

Canadian indie producer Cineflix Productions has stopped shooting the U.S. campus police reality series in Pennsylvania after three Canadian crew members were caught up in a helicopter crash Saturday night.

TORONTO – Canadian indie producer Cineflix Productions has halted production on G4’s Campus PD in Pennsylvania after three of its crew members suffered injuries in a helicopter crash Saturday night.

Cineflix head of production Jane Lloyd on Monday said one crew member has been released from hospital, while the other two remain under medical care.

The Toronto-based TV producer declined to release the names of the injured crew members, or the extent of their injuries, at the request of their families.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our crew and their families and loved ones,” Lloyd said in a statement.

A spokesman for the Indiana Borough Police told the Toronto Star newspaper Monday that one Canadian passenger walked away from the downed helicopter with minor injuries, while the other two passengers were in stable condition.

The helicopter came down near the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus, with four passengers on board, including the pilot.

Federal Aviation Administration officials are now investigating the helicopter mishap.