Gabriel Iglesias Talks Netflix's 'Mr. Iglesias' Part 3, Stand-Up During the Pandemic

The comedian also opens up about adjusting to a new normal amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Netflix’s favorite funny teacher is back!

The streamer has debuted Part 3 of Mr. Iglesias starring comedian Gabriel Iglesias, and the half-hour sitcom, which follows a lovable history teacher working at his alma mater and guiding his group of misfit students, is now tackling a new storyline for Mr. Iglesias: love.

Iglesias spoke to The Hollywood Reporter just ahead of the show's debut and discussed the possible new romance, his experience almost becoming a teacher himself, and how he’s been coping without stand-up during the pandemic.

Part 2 of the series ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, leaving audiences wondering if Gabe will be starting a new relationship with a woman who turns out to be the school guidance counselor. Of the possible romance, Iglesias cuts right to the chase: “It's on."

“We leave you on a cliffhanger, but you see the writing on the wall," says Iglesias. "I’m faced with a potential relationship, and I'm a fish out of water in this one because I've never been put in this situation before."

Because production on the show wrapped just before COVID-19 hit, the show was unable to add in any pandemic-related storylines, something Iglesias says might not be such a bad thing, explaining, “Some people are tired of hearing about it and some people just wanna get out of reality a little bit, and that's where we come into play.”

If it seems like Iglesias is a little too good at playing everyone's favorite teacher, it’s because he almost was one himself. Iglesias notes that his career would have looked drastically different at one point in his life, saying, “I was taking a course in high school called exploratory teaching, and I was offered a scholarship to come back and teach in the Long Beach Unified School District. I was bilingual, and they wanted bilingual teachers.” But, as he explained, “Fate stepped in the way, and here we are talking about me playing a teacher versus being one.”

Outside of the show, Iglesias also opened up about how he’s been handling the pandemic explaining that it's been an adjustment. Due to the cancellation of Beyond the Fluffy World Tour because of the pandemic, the comedian revealed that he was forced into the longest break he has ever taken from comedy, a move he says will inevitably affect both his performance and material.

“It's like being in your peak shape at the gym and being like, ‘Yeah, I'm killing it,’ and then you stop working out for a while and you go back in there and you realize you can't even hang on the treadmill for 5 minutes," he says. "My timing I'm sure is gonna be an issue, and I'm not sure all the material that I was doing pre-COVID is gonna be as relatable.”

And as for a possible Part 4 to Mr. Iglesias, the comic says it all depends on the fans, but he still has other projects in the pipeline at Netflix, including another comedy special.

Mr. Iglesias Part 3 is streaming now on Netflix. Watch the video above for more on this interview.