Gal Gadot Breaks Down Walls in 'SNL' Promo

YouTube/Saturday Night Live

The 'Wonder Woman' star will host the Oct. 7 episode with musical guest Sam Smith.

Gal Gadot embraces her Wonder Woman persona in the new promo for her upcoming hosting gig of Saturday Night Live on Oct. 7.

In the promo, SNL stars Leslie Jones, Beck Bennett and Mikey Day are standing on the stage awaiting Gadot’s arrival. “Do you think she’s anything like Wonder Woman in real life?” Beckett asks his castmates.

Immediately after, Gadot is shown breaking down the set walls (literally), giving her signature Wonder Woman pose. The terrified cast watches as Beckett is flown across the room. 

“Gal Gadot, you cannot do that! We have rules here,” Jones tells Gadot.  

“The door, I should’ve used the door. I’m so sorry,” Gadot admits.

Day also has to correct Jones on how to properly pronounce Gadot’s name, only for Jones to mistake his name for "Marky."

Gadot is set to host SNL on Oct. 7 with musical guest Sam Smith.