Gal Gadot: "Fashion Comes and Goes, Style Is Something That Is in You"

"She's very confident," stylist Elizabeth Stewart said of Gadot. "I think it's a big part of her style."

"I have my own style, which is completely simple," Gal Gadot told The Hollywood Reporter for the Power Stylist issue. "I'm not complicated," the Wonder Woman star said of her own personal taste.

"I like to look a little bit sophisticated," Gadot added, going on to describe her personal style in three clear words, "Simple, clean and elegant."

Stylist Elizabeth Stewart added that Gadot's "confidence" is "a big part of her style."

"Fittings can go very quick," Stewart said. "She'll put something on, she knows it looks good, and we're done."

"I'm just lazy," Gadot joked.

"She's not lazy! She's confident!" Stewart added, prompting the pair to express their adoration for each other.

Gadot has had a powerful red-carpet presence since shooting to international fame last year from her title role in Wonder Woman, and maintained her confident style through the 2018 award season with the help of Stewart.