'Galore's' NYFW Bash Drew a Gaggle of Kardashian-Jenners

Kylie Jenner - Getty - H 2018

Oh and some other famous people, too.

It's a Kardashian world — we're just living in it. Any doubt of this was put to rest on Monday night at the Galore New York Fashion Week bash, in honor of Kylie Jenner's recent Terry Richardson-lensed photo shoot and Galore's first capsule collection with Tart Contemporary brands.

Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga, along with sister Kendall and pals Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas all arrived after 10 p.m. for the party at Up&Down nightclub. But it wasn't until 11:15 when Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian arrived with a full professional television camera crew for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, shutting down the door for the nightclub so she could get make her entrance, that the party really kicked into gear.

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Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and Kourtney (Kim being absent) set up shop in front of the DJ booth with their entourages — which included singer Pia Mia, Tyga and a litany of others — facing all the other party guests and the cameras. In an obvious show of exhibitionism, presumably for the cameras, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters stood there for several songs not saying anything, but just staring down at the other party guests and allowing the crowd to snap photos of them while they danced and laughed with one another and their friends — an odd set-up for any fashion week party where VIP sections are de rigueur, and bodyguards help keep A-list celebrities low-profile.


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Despite the rampant displays of grandstanding, security was beyond tight anywhere the Kardashian-Jenner clan sat or stood. At one point, a security guard argued with Hailey Baldwin, due to lack of recognition on his part, about letting her into the area where Kylie, Kendall and Pia Mia danced around freely. Newly single Kourtney looked to be particularly jovial — whether purposely or for the cameras — as she laughed with her sisters and danced around in thigh high boots and what appeared to be a jacket over a bodysuit.

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The evening wasn't entirely spent filming shots of the E! stars, however: Pia Mia performed, with Kendall and Kylie standing mere feet off to the side (Kendall, mouthing along every word as she did). Before the night ended, YesJulz, who was on the microphone, announced that Tyga was going to perform — an impromptu performance that apparently not even Kylie was aware of before that evening.

Not everyone in the club was taking full advantage of the Kardashian madness, however. Bella Hadid and her boyfriend, The Weeknd, hid out in a back left booth, far away from the cameras and performances, with Ja Rule, who went entirely unnoticed compared to the sisters who were causing guests at the party to practically storm security. Despite the adjunct celebrities avoiding the blinding light of the Kardashians' cameras, a friend of Ja Rule's admitted to hatching a game plan to put the moves on Kendall Jenner.

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"I've been telling him to just go talk to her and do it," Ja Rule said shaking his head, as he sat on top of the booth, looking on at the mess at the front of the room. He probably missed his chance: All four of the sisters exited around 12:20 a.m., needing only an hour or so to get what they needed on film. Perhaps they should have stuck around — after their departure, guests like Leonardo DiCaprio and Michelle Rodriguez arrived to a much more spacious — and camera-empty — club.