How to Go Platinum Like Khaleesi on 'Game of Thrones'

Emilia Blonde Hair - S 2015

Emilia Blonde Hair - S 2015

Marie Robinson, celebrity colorist to Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts, shares tips for achieving the perfect GoT-inspired white-blond.

Emilia Clarke may be a natural brunette, and her Game of Thrones ‘do may be a wig, but that doesn’t mean the Mother of Dragons doesn’t inspire fans to go full-on platinum themselves. In a show with impeccable hair all around, her character, Daenerys Targaryen, may have the most covetable and eye-catching.  

Perhaps it feels even more special because the perfect white-blond hue is so difficult to achieve — see Kim Kardashian’s recent attempt. “Using bleach is not a question,” says Marie Robinson, NYC salon owner and colorist to stars including Naomi Watts, Michelle Williams and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. “You must use bleach to get your hair to that level of lightness. If you have very dark brown hair, you have to expect to go through a couple of highlighting sessions — it doesn’t just happen in one step.”

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Dark blondes, says Robinson, have a better shot at going platinum in one session. Regardless of hair color, “definitely avoid doing this yourself. There is no at-home kit that can possibly get your hair to this brightness.”

BLONDE BOMBSHELL: Emilia Clarke's Vogue UK cover for May 2015.

Khaleesi, of course, doesn’t rock roots, although Clarke’s gorgeous new Vogue UK cover does show a little growth. For anyone going this light, Robinson warns against going more than five weeks without maintenance, which could lead to banding in the hair. “Make sure that before you choose a specific toner for at-home use you get it done by a professional first,” she says. “As for shampoos, I recommend Clairol Shimmer Lights Blonde and Silver — they work best for canceling out any brassiness on platinum hair.”

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For further care, the colorist advises using a deep conditioner two to three times a week, as well as taking vitamins to “condition from the inside.” Additionally, she says, “avoid using any chamomile-based products or anything with a yellow tone to it, and make sure any styling products you’re using are blonde-friendly.” Follow these tips and you’ll be conquer platinum like a true Targaryen — as opposed to a Kardashian.