'Game of Thrones' Holding King Joffrey 'Roast' Online

Helen Sloan
Jack Gleason as Joffrey Baratheon

Stars are making fun of the hated boy king, with Eli Roth tweeting "Joffrey finally found the cure for his parents' incestual desires: himself."

Forget Comedy Central. King's Landing really knows how to throw a roast.

HBO is holding a two-day social media roast for King Joffrey, the hated boy-king played by Jack Gleeson on Game of Thrones. On Thursday and Friday, fans can tweet their best Joffrey zingers with the hashtag #RoastJoffrey.

While Joff has a habit of using his crossbow against those who displease him, people partaking in the roast can probably count themselves safe. So far, a number of the show's stars have weighed in (see below), while HBO is curating the best Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram posts at RoastJoffrey.com.

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The social media skewering comes ahead of the series' fourth season, which is set for a spring debut.