Parody Video Imagines Joffrey as Hero of 'Game of Thrones'

Joffrey Smiling - H 2015

What if Joffrey was just a mistreated boy trying to be a good king?

Joffrey Baratheon's death was widely celebrated on Game of Thrones. He was, after all, a sadistic villain who tormented many characters on the HBO series. If there was any tragedy in his death, it was that fans lost a character they loved to hate.

However, YouTube user BloodBlitz Comedy re-edited Game of Thrones episodes to turn Joffrey into the hero of the series. The creator said that making the parody took more than 50 hours of editing.

The result tells the tragic story of Joffrey, the mistreated boy who is caught up in a story of jealousy and war. "The sun's finally shining, come walk with me," says Joffrey, smiling sweetly. The video shows Sansa Stark mooning over Joffrey, cutting out his abuse of her and instead showing Joffrey getting slapped around. Margaery Tyrell is the villain, manipulating Joffrey and bringing him down with her cunning ways.