'Game of Thrones:' Jon Snow Gets '80s Training Montage (Video)

Jon Snow
Oliver Upton

Kit Harington's Jon Snow will move beyond the Wall alongside the Night's Watch.

Kit Harington never seemed so much like Rocky Balboa as he does here.

Even a fighter like Game of Thrones Jon Snow needs to put in the work to be a skilled swordsman.

A new video taking footage of Snow (Kit Harington) from his Night’s Watch days and paring it John Farnham’s “Break the Ice,” shows Snow getting into fighting form. The icy climate on the Wall makes the video reminiscent of the excellent Russian training montage from Rocky IV.

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Watch the video below, and if it doesn’t give you your fix for Cold War-era Game of Thrones action, check out these portraits of your favorite Thrones characters wearing '80s and '90s clothes.